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Students at Lyman Briggs College enjoy some of the most innovative education opportunities, and will count themselves among a network of amazing, accomplished graduates. Our alumni are encouraged to stay connected with the college and enjoy some of the same benefits, while helping to enhance the experience for future generations. We hope each alum will make an effort to stay connected; whether by reading our news or attending our events, or by joining the Lyman Briggs College Alumni Association.

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When alumni and friends stay connected, everyone benefits. Students have a connection to real professionals in fields they may be considering and those professionals have access to young minds, creative projects, and potential future employees. Opportunities to stay connected at Briggs include connecting with students digitally, visiting campus to give a talk, or volunteering your time at one/some of our excellent events.

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At Lyman Briggs College, we are dedicated to fostering a greater desire for learning while creating globally-engaged, socially-active men and women who will have an impact in the world. If you would like to help us accomplish these goals, please consider donating to one of our funds. On our comprehensive support page you can choose to help current students with tuition now, set aside money for study abroad or student research, or make a gift towards the college that will be used to enhance our facilities.

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The 2012 Fall issue of the Briggantine featuring Dr. Rob LaDuca. Please click here to view the full pdf.

Spring 2013 Briggantine featuring Dr. Rob LaDuca


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