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Standing Committees at LBC

Briggs Advisory Council
Composition of the Briggs Advisory Council (BAC) shall be three from among the regular faculty as defined in 1.1, one from among the fixed term faculty and the teaching focused academic specialists, one from among the academic affairs staff, one from among the support staff, and two students enrolled in the College. If the fixed term faculty and teaching focused academic specialists, academic student affairs staff, or support staff are unable to provide one representative in any given term, that position will remain vacant for that term. All members have the duty of acting in the interest of the College as a whole. The BAC shall normally meet with the Dean, but may meet without the Dean if it so desires. The mode of participation of BAC shall be advisory.

Faculty Email Phone Term Ends
Doug Luckie 353-4606 8/15/19
Hanni Nichols 353-9526 8/15/19
Michele H. Jackson 353-6486 Ex-officio
Ryan Sweeder 432-0884 8/15/19
Mark Waddell 884-0594 8/15/20
Academic Advisor Rep
Kylie (Horrocks) First 353-6480 8/15/19
LBC Staff Rep
Lisa Parker 432-6000 8/15/19
Student Reps

Briggs Inclusivity (LBC Inc.)The Lyman Briggs Committee for Inclusivity (LBC Inc.) shall have a membership composed of three faculty representatives, one representative from academic student affairs, one staff representative, and two students. LBC-Inc: to promote and foster an inclusive environment and equal opportunities for all LBC students, faculty, and staff through education, research, and service.

Faculty Email Phone Term Ends
Katie Hinko 8/15/19
Shahnaz Masani 432-6104 8/15/20
Vashti Sawtelle 353-4861 8/15/20
Academic Advisor Rep
Tasha Warfield 353-6480 8/15/20
LBC Staff Rep
Heather Bentley 884-6035 8/15/19
Student Reps      

Briggs Community Council (BCC)
The Briggs Community Council (BCC) shall consist of all of the voting faculty and student representation equal to the least integer not less than 20% of the voting faculty as defined.

Educational Policy Committee
The EPC focuses on issues related to academics, majors, and courses.

Faculty Email Phone Term Ends
Rob LaDuca 432-2268 8/15/19
Michele H. Jackson 353-4802 Ex-officio
Shahnaz Masani 432-6104 8/15/20
Rob Pennock 432-7701 8/15/19
Isaac Record 884-8525 8/15/20
Philip Strong 353-6480 Ex-officio
Abe Edwards  884-3931 8/15/20
Student Reps      

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee receives the nominations and is responsible for the selection of candidates for internal awards and scholarships as well as nominations for external awards.

Faculty Email Phone Term Ends
Samantha Cass 884-0596 8/15/20
Michele H. Jackson* 353-6486 Ex-officio
Peter White 353-4761 8/15/19
Academic Advisor Rep
Gerica Lee 353-6480 8/15/20
Student Reps

*Rob LaDuca attends for Michele H. Jackson

Speaker Series Committee

Faculty Email Phone Term Ends
Richard Bellon (chair) (517) 353-1739 6/15/18
Robert Bell (517) 353-4857 6/15/18
Megan Halpern (517) 432-6141 6/15/18
Heng Wang (517) 884-1520 6/15/18