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Last Name First Name Title Unit Email Bio Phone Location
Ballinger Cara Administrative Coordinator Staff Bio (517) 432-6125 E-25B Holmes
Beltran Michele Assistant to the Director of Development and Alumni Relations Staff Bio (517) 355-3466 E-25D Holmes
Bentley Heather Human Resources/Personnel Officer Staff Bio (517) 884-6035 E-30A Holmes
Collins Alyse Academic Advisor Advisors Bio (517) 353-6480 E-30B Holmes
Connelly LeeAnn Communications Coordinator Staff Bio (517) 884-0593 E-36B Holmes
First Kylie (Horrocks) Recruitment Coordinator / Advisor Advisors Bio (517) 353-6480 E-31 Holmes
Koch Daniel "Dan" Instructional Equip and Supplies Technician II Staff Bio (517) 884-2104 W-37 Holmes
Lee Gerica Recruiter / Advisor Advisors Bio (517) 353-6480 E-30D Holmes
Mills Karen Director of Academic Affairs and Advising Advisors Bio (517) 353-6480 E-32 Holmes
Murray Joseph Information Technology Manager Staff Bio (517) 432-3292 E-24A Holmes
Parker Lisa Fiscal Officer Staff Bio (517) 432-6000 E-30B Holmes
Poirier Denise Administrative Assistant II, Dean’s Office Staff Bio (517) 353-6486 E-28 Holmes
Richardson Jackie Director of Development Staff Bio (517) 353-4869 E-25C Holmes
Slavin Anne (Schrock) Academic Advisor Advisors Bio (517) 353-6480 E-30C Holmes
Strong Philip Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Administration Bio (517) 353-6480 E-25A Holmes
Tillett Ed Field Career Services Coordinator Advisors Bio (517) 353-4607 E-36A Holmes
Warfield Tasha Academic Advisor Advisors Bio (517) 353-6480 E-30A Holmes
Workman Kent Director of Student Affairs Advisors Bio (517) 353-6480 E-33 Holmes